Current Transportation for Seniors With Mobility Problems

Current Transportation for Seniors


There are so many great pieces of equipment these days that can provide seniors with assistance, mainly wheelchairs and electric scooters designed for the elderly.

Transportation makes it difficult for seniors with mobility problems.
It can prevent them from visiting their doctors or running important errands.


Get younger members of the family to drive them when they have a checkup or need to go shopping, visiting a relative or a friend. There will be times when you simply can’t give them a ride and in that case you must have backups. Public transportation, buses, subways, light rails, and others. Most buses can fit a wheelchair and mobility scooters, too. Some even offer discounts or coupons for seniors.

Improving the Quality of Life of Seniors

Motorized Wheelchairs and Mobility scooters are helpful equipment for seniors with limited mobility. They can move around either at home or outdoors.
Staying in one place for a long time can be depressing & that’s why they should be able to move more despite their condition.


Getting a quality wheelchair provides several benefits, including:

Prevention of falls.
These can cause bruises and broken bones.
Mobility products reduce these dangers, keeping seniors safe.
They can enjoy their time with family and friends without worrying about fatigue and falls.
Improves caregivers lives.

Since mobility products allow seniors to move independently, caregivers can focus on other chores.

Choose a model Based on Your Loved Ones Needs

There are various types of mobility products in the market, which come in a range of features.
Selecting one for your senior family member will mean understanding their needs.

At Orbit Medical you can find a wide range of mobility products wheelchairs and scooters.
We carry different designs and style to match the needs of your loved ones. Our products suit different purposes and we have something for everyone.




Setup and Features of the Jazzy® Passport






Our top pick for 2020


After careful review we identified what we think is one of the top electric wheelchairs in 2020. We analyzed consumer reviews, consulted with seniors & checked with experts in the industry.

Many we reviewed made great choices, we found one that stood out for key buyer needs:
Best to Transport (Pride Jazzy Passport),  Best Value (PRIDE JAZZY PASSPORT)

A popular feature of chairs is the ability to fold it up for storage or transportation.

A foldable chair must be light enough to be carried short distances, and also compact enough to fit in a standard car trunk or back seat.

We like the PRIDE JAZZY PASSPORT because it is designed specifically for taking in the car,on planes, or even cruises. The pewter finish on an aluminum frame keeps it light – just 60 pounds.

It takes up about the same space as a large stroller when folded, and the batteries are much lighter than most chair batteries; each one is slightly more than 3 pounds. The portability of this chairs comes with weight restrictions: it is designed to accommodate up to 250 pounds.

Call our representatives for more information or order online today.

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