There are many reasons why you as a health care professional should partner with us at Orbit Medical. We at Orbit Medical take great pride in holding the highest level of patient care in the industry by providing the best and most timely service available, the best quality equipment, and the most proactive approach to ensuring your patients are well taken care of. It is our mission to improve your patient's quality of life because we truly care about our patients just like you do and take pride in being able to help them regain or maintain their independence within the comfort of their own home.

The Orbit Process

At Orbit Medical, we commit to being the fastest and easiest company to do business with. We want you to be able to focus on what you do best by knowing that once you refer your patient to Orbit Medical for all their medical equipment needs, you will not have to worry again about their needs being met and your expectations being exceeded.

If your ordering a power wheelchair, our trained Mobility Specialists will:

  1. Evaluate your patient's mobility needs within his/her home
  2. Provide the Highest Quality Mobility Equipment the patient's insurance will cover
  3. Provide In-Home Setup and Training to ensure the patient is comfortable operating their new mobility equipment
  4. Work with the PCP, PT or whoever you recommend to obtain the necessary documentation
  5. Work with the insurance(s) to ensure the patient is covered to reduce out of pocket responsibility as much as possible

New Referrals

Phone Line: 877-672-4862

Fax Line: 800-430-0255