Life Changing

I got the wheelchair. It is wonderful. I truly love it. My niece took me to the mall Sunday. I hadn't been in 3 years because I couldn't walk that much. It was really great. I know you went above and beyond what you should have done to get it for me. I really appreciate it so much.

- Gail S.

Thank you for all your help in getting my new electric wheelchair. It was delivered on Monday October 13th. I cried as it came through the door. It was in my favorite color red. It's beautiful and it rides like a Lincoln or Cadillac. I can hardly wait to go to church and shopping at the mall and stores.

- Veronica K.

Without my new chair to help me with my mobility needs, I would not have been able to try and overcome my disability and return to work.

- Homer S.

The chair has really helped me find a sense of independence I had forgotten. My chair had given me the opportunity to do all my own shopping. Before I couldn't walk a few feet without needed a place to rest. I have COPD, Diabetes and Heart Problems and Orbit Medical made sure that I was matched with the perfect electric wheelchair to fit my needs.

- William W.

My new electric wheelchair is the greatest aid to my wife. Now she doesn't have to push me around in my wheelchair all day. I can get around my house more conveniently and much more quickly.

- Harry B.

Customer Service

My wife is 87 and I am approaching 89. Before retiring in 1980, I served on the Boards of several companies, it's nice to know that there are still companies in which customers can speak to live people instead of endless menus. Your people do a fine job and you are to be congratulated in the manner you service your customers. I'll spread the word.

- George H.

My First choice to obtain a wheelchair was thru recommendations from a friend, who said I should try as specific retailer, as I later found out that was a big mistake. They did not want to get me the chair that I thought I needed for the conditions where I live. I do not live on a main street with sidewalks. Where I live is almost a rural setting. Lots of bumpy terrain, and uneven road surfaces. For six weeks they insisted they couldn't get me a Jazzy 600. I saw an ad on my computer about Orbit Medical. I called the number and Bob Gallup put me in touch with Megan Musser a sales representative. I explained my needs to Megan and the type of chair I needed for where I live. With in a week she informed me that my chair was on its way. What a difference it is to deal with people that really try to help. I am really glad that I got away from my previous provider. All they wanted to do is push their most profitable chair on me and not understand my concerns or needs. I am certainly glad that I changed to Orbit Medical. You are people who really try to help fit us with what we need, not with what you have. Thanks for the help it is certainly appreciated. I will recommend Orbit Medical to everyone I talk to!

- Edward B.


Now dad can go out to get the mail and look at his beautiful garden. It was getting hard for him to walk just a half a block to the mail box. Now he can visit his neighbors, relax in his garden, and enjoy life.

- Pat S.

Thank you so much for my wonderful electric wheelchair! It has made my life so much easier and a lot less painful. On top of helping solve all of my mobility problems my sales representative and delivery technician were very sweet and courteous.

- Janet N.

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