Order Process

How to Order a Motorized Wheelchair via Insurance

4-Step Ordering Process

Speak to an Orbit Mobility Specialist

We’ll call to ask about your insurance benefits, physician information, your mobility limitations, and what you hope to accomplish with a new power mobility device (PMD).

Speak to your Physician

You will then need to schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss your mobility needs. Once your physician documents these needs in your medical record and fills out a written order, an Orbit representative will prepare a written order specifying the model of PMD and any accessories needed.

Submit Forms to your Insurance

Once the forms are returned from the physician, Orbit will prepare and submit the documents to your insurance. Insurances typically will take 2 weeks to review the claim and will send approval to Orbit, yourself, and your physician.


Upon receiving approval, you will be given a phone call to schedule delivery and fit your new power wheelchair.

Medicare Coverage Guidelines

For Medicare to provide reimbursement for a power wheelchair (PWC) or power operated vehicle (POV) (scooter), there are several requirements that must be met:

1. In-Person Visit

There must be an in-person visit with a clinician specifically addressing the patient’s mobility needs.

2. Physical Examination

There must be a history and physical examination by the clinician or other medical professional (see below) focusing on an assessment of the patient’s mobility limitation and needs. The results of this evaluation must be recorded in the patient’s medical record.

3. Standard Written Order

A standard written order (SWO) must be written AFTER the in-person visit has occurred and the medical evaluation is completed.

4. Order Delivered to Supplier

The standard written order (SWO) for the power mobility base device must be completed within 6 months of the face-to-face encounter, and provided to the supplier prior to delivery of the power mobility device (PMD).