How to Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

How to Maintain Your Mobility Scooter

Your mobility scooter gives you freedom and independence – the ability to perform the tasks and activities that may have been restricted or difficult before because of limited mobility. It could even be said that your mobility scooter becomes an extension of yourself as it assists you in your hobbies and helps you live your life. 

For how important your mobility scooter is to you, it’s important to take care of it and show it the appreciation it deserves through regular maintenance. Extend the life of your mobility scooter and keep it working well by performing these maintenance steps.

Keep in mind these steps are general maintenance recommendations, and you should check the manual for your specific scooter for more detailed care instructions specific to your model.


Regular dusting will help prevent the buildup of debris and dust that can impede function. Use a dry, soft, smooth cloth to wipe down the components of the scooter. Make sure that you only use dry materials on the electrical components.

Spot cleaning

When dirt, grime or sticky substances appear on your scooter, you can spot-clean them with safe cleaning materials to keep your scooter clean. To do this, use a cloth dampened with water and a mild cleaner, like a generic glass cleaner, to gently rub the spot until it is clean. It is important that you never spray water or cleaner directly onto the scooter to avoid any moisture coming in contact with the electrical components. Make sure that your cleaning materials do not contain bleach, which could damage your scooter’s paint job.

Keeping it dry

If your scooter is ever stored outside or in an area prone to moisture, you can purchase a cover to protect your scooter from the elements. This will help prevent corrosion and damage to the electrical parts. Even if you store your scooter inside, a cover can help protect it from dust.

Monitor the tires

The condition of the wheels on your mobility scooter is essential for overall function. If your tires are inflatable, it’s important to monitor tire pressure. If your tires are non-inflatable, inspect them frequently for wear or damage.

Battery care

The battery is another component that requires special maintenance. Most batteries should last 2-3 years with regular maintenance. To keep your battery working properly, make sure that you charge it each night after depletion. Some experts warn of overcharging, however, recommending that you never leave it charging for more than 12 hours. If it already has sufficient charge, over 80 percent or so, charging it may not be necessary.

Keep your battery clean to extend its life by scrubbing the terminals with a wire brush and paste of baking soda and water. Let it dry completely before reconnecting.

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